Hello, I'm Lincoln Adler

I’m a musician, photographer, and producer passionate about creating music and images that come from the heart and touch the soul.


As a performing and recording artist, my goal is to create exciting, memorable music that touches the soul


Photography is all about capturing the essence of the subject. It's a joy and a challenge to work with people and bring out their best.


Producing an album is like directing a movie. Setting a mood, finding a vibe, creating something that meaningfully communicates all that.

who (i am)

the story behind the creations

the past

Playing music from a young age gave me an appreciation of it's powers. I've been fortunate to have played with many great artists, recorded lots of wonderful records, and produced and photographed some incredible folks.

the present

Through my production company, Groove Tonic Media, I have access to some wonderful recording facilities including the amazing Fantasy Studios. I'm currently producing some exciting projects and photographing yet more wonderful people.

the future

I'm always in search of exciting new people to play with, to photograph, to help create their dream project. Stay tuned for more projects appearing all the time on this site, and please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or are interested in working together.

where (i play)

come on out and join the fun...i'd love to see you!

watch (and listen)

a video playlist featuring my wonderful band Times 4

Thank you for visiting.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me.

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